Fellowship Christian Reformed Church
4800 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque, NM, 87110

Sunday Morning Worship @ 11am
Sunday School @ 9:45am
Sunday Evening Activities @ 6pm
Fellowship Church shares a common faith with Christian churches the world over, that a new life, free of the burden of sin, is made possible through the generous sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God's son. The good news is that God continues to love the world enough to save what he has created from the consequences of our rejecting him. The contemporary testimony, Our World Belongs to God, reminds us that as a forgiven people all aspects of our lives are renewed by God's love and that the gifts he gives us should be used in joyful and thankful service as his representatives in the world. We believe that God continues to work out his plan to restore the world by calling and equipping those who believe in Him to share the Good News and to provide for those in need.

The group of Christians that make up Fellowship Church is as diverse as the community in which we live. We represent different backgrounds, cultures, age groups, and educational levels, but are united by a love of God and a desire to thankfully serve Him. We celebrate our diversity in our worship and educational programs and hope that our variety makes us a place that visitors find comfortable and friendly. And although we continue to struggle with life's challenges and disappointments, Fellowship Church is a community that provides mutual support, encouragement and prayer. We believe God has a plan of healing and growth for all who follow Him and desire that each individual discover God's calling in their lives.

The Christian Reformed Church shares common roots with the Presbyterian and other Reformed Churches in the Protestant Reformation nearly 500 years ago. Begun by Dutch immigrants to western Michigan in the mid-1800's it remained closely tied to the traditions and culture of the related churches in the Netherlands for over 50 years. By the turn-of-the-century, it became apparent that God's mission for the Christian Reformed Church in ethnically diverse and mobile North America would require expansion and an active effort to minister to people of many different backgrounds. While the church continued to attract Dutch immigrants it has now become a church of many languages, colors and cultures. Today there are about 1000 churches located in nearly every province and state. Congregations enjoy great freedoms resulting in a variety of worship and community styles, but are bound together by a common belief in the historic creeds and confessions, and a commitment to quality Christian education and global outreach.

The Christian Reformed Church supports several liberal arts colleges, Bible colleges and seminaries, and produces materials used by many denominations for church education and outreach programs. Disaster relief and long-range economic development programs are provided by World Renew and the Good News is broadcast in nine major languages on The Back to God Ministries International radio broadcasts. God has blessed a world-wide outreach effort through the formation of seminary education programs and sister denominations in countries throughout the world, and Christian Reformed churches outside North America now far outnumber those in Canada and the U.S. For more information about the Christian Reformed Church, go to crcna.org.

Valley Church began as a mission chapel for boarding students at the Albuquerque Indian School in the mid-1960's. When the school closed the church looked for a new area in which to minister. In 1982 after much prayer and searching the church relocated to its current location and changed the name to Fellowship which reflected its growing diversity.